Surprise Surprise

I needed a massage. Just a simple warm massage. I checked the small ads online and ther was a picture of a lady that looked genuine...if you know what I mean...not the usual babe picture which is no where near reality. Anyway I gave her a call she was available in 30 minutes and a short walk form my office. Perfect. I arrived at the address and it was a gents barber shop up stairs and she lead me down to a very nice reception area. I asked how much and for the massage and cash up front.
I showered first and settled down with no coverings as I do. She came in and started to massage my back and shoulders and apologised for the cold hands. After a while I said I hadnt asked what other types of massage she did apart form swedish. She said deep tissue and hawian. There is another menu also she said. Oh whats on it? Relief and relief toppless. Ok I said....and drifted of into a little world of my own as she massaged me all over. I came back to reality when her hands and fingers started exploring my thigh and sack/penis areas. She was expert and I was rock hard. She spent ages in this area and it was delightful. She asked me to turn over which I did and asked did I want anything of the second menu. I said Yes relief topless. This was a first for me. She was massaging my legs and I asked would she take off her top now. She agreed and exposed the most beautiful rounded breasts I had seen in a long long time. Huge dark nipples. She then massaged the rest of my body as I watched her breasts swing free and when it came to the penis I sat up and asked may I touch you and she said of course. She smelt divine and was firm to hold those lovely breasts a very fit lady. i came all too quick but I will return!!!! I showered thanked her and walked out thru the barbers shop which now had a number of customers.
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fantastic, what city was that in?