My Massage Dreams

I love a good massage and have on occasion paid for them, but it's a lucky dip if you get a good masseus, and they can be expensive. I've had some I'd prefer not to remember, specially ones in some massage outlets where an oriental guy in his 40's to 50's was doing the work.

Some of them have had hands so dry I thought I was getting exfoliated with 120 grit sandpaper, and others were pushing and prodding so hard I thought I was being tortured for government secrets.

So far, females have given me the best massages. I prefer bare skin and oil massages over a rub down over a shirt, and also prefer upper body, (back and stomach) massages than anything else.

I will often ask for oil massage on upper body only for the full time limit. I will ask for front and back work, but often find they just don't understand (being mostly oriental run businesses) or some just don't want to do the front. I've been told by them there are too many sensitive organs in the stomach to massage it. Hell, I'm only asking for a relaxing massage, not a full resculpture of my physical form like a piece of clay! lol.

So my dream is to find a partner, with good physicaly fit form, I can exchange massages with. We both get what we want, not cost and no time limits.
MaximusAbdominus MaximusAbdominus
36-40, M
Dec 4, 2012