Massages And More

I was never really the type to want someone touching and rubbing my back. But the past year, I want a massage so bad...and when a man does it..and then starts touching every where else...its the best time!!
bettsforsure bettsforsure
36-40, F
5 Responses Dec 9, 2012

If you live anywhere near Philadelphia I give massage to females at no charge.

I've been living in a sexless marriage for a few years now. We have love, respect but no sex (my wife has been mutilated surgically and seriously hurt mentally from that experience). I've recently discovered massage as a substitute, because whilst I have needs, I don't wish to compromise my fidelity physically (impure thought race constantly through my head). I am loving the purposeful touch of massage and have decided to make this a regular event in my life.

Where are you and have you gotten that massage yet? If you're near me, I think I can accommodate....

I give the best! No lie ppl who hates massage love mine i'm that good :)

massages all over are the best...i really like it on my back and my feet and shoulders...but all over is great too...