Love a Masage to

Yes masage is great have had quiet a few trouble being one never know just what kind of massage you will get. I prefer a full boddy massage but a wonderful female nothing feels nicer than a female massage my manly boddy. p[itty some have hang ups about masage I am a man that realy enjoys all kind.(married)
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2 Responses Jul 16, 2007

my boyfriend said there is something magical about a womans hands on a mans body. He said its just pure heaven and when I get down to his goodies it is too much for him. I did get a massage by a man when i went on a cruise ship trip with my step dad. He told the guy doing massages to treat me right and tipped him extra. Well when i laid down he worked me over from fingers to my toes and spent a lot of time around my breasts and butt and inner thighs. I started wiggling some and he knew i needed more. I was 17 and he was in his twenties.. He said is there anything else i can do for you miss. I reached over and laid my hand on his crotch and said don't leave me frustrated. He said ok. I laid on my stomach and he locked the door and said this is between you and me and the massage is over, i said ok. He took the towel off me and said you are beautiful and worked on my butt and inner thighs and i got so hot and spread my legs some. He worked his oily hand into my soft parts and gave me the most mind blowing ****** i have had in a while and then rolled me over and worked my breasts to include kissing and sucking. I was so hot, i sat up at the end of the table and he walked up between my legs and i reached out and unzipped his pants and fondled his meat. He was nearly hard anyway and got stiff right away, he pulled me to him and put it in and pumped me vigorously and i came three times and then he did. I had hand marks on my butt, the next day i was laying in the sun and my dad said you have finger marks on your butt so i guess everything went ok with the massage huh? I told him that it was unbelievable and my first one too. He said do you want another one, i said can I? He set it up again and the next day i went back in and the same guy said i knew you would be back. I said this is going to be a great cruise because my step dad has lots of money. Ha Ha.....

..and why not.