I had my first professional massage about 2 years ago and loved it.  I am pretty uncomfortable in my own skin and ashamed of my body but I enjoyed the scarce and short, shoulder and back massages my boyfriend gave me so much, I figured I'd give the real thing a try.  Boy was it worth it!  The original shyness and awkwardness disappeared after the first few minutes.  My mind relaxed and my body felt better than ever.  When I left my first massage I literally felt like a weight was lifted off of my shoulders.  I would get one every week if I could.  For a real professional massage I suggest you go to a spa or certified massage therapist.  Some of those "massage parlors" give me the creeps and give the whole practice a bad name.
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Have you had a hot stone massage. They are GREAT!!! If you haven't you must try it!

I had several clients about your age with the same experience. As a therapist, you feel like it's Christmas when you get to work on someone who is getting their first massage from you. It's truly an honor and a privilege. Couples massages are also a lot of fun for therapists.<br />
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We see all kinds of body types. I can only recall once being truly put off by someone, and she was in the 300-400 lbs range. At the same time, it was more the smell than her size. However, she was in tears by the end. I really think it had been years, if ever, since a man touched her in a loving, sensual way. As therapists, we do this for a living.<br />
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I miss my old line of work. One day I hope to return to it in some limited capacity. Not sure my body can take giving as many massages as I once did.

Personally, I'm more comfortable with a female masseuse. I just like their touch better than the males I have had work on me. I can understand the tears, however, the release of the tension is great.

A proper massage werth the money

Thank you for your reply. I will definitely look into that.

I am a licensed massage therapist. For recommendations, call a local massage school. If you can't afford regular massage, get the occasional massage from a professional and get intern massages at a massage school. Massage therapists and spas will sometimes sell packages that basically equate to buying a few massages and getting one free.

I have had a number of massages and the best are from proper massage therapist. The treatments I have had in "SPA HOTELS" have at the best been a disappointment. The therapist is not engaged and simply going thru the motions to get paid. A one hour seeion starts late ends early and is way over priced. I understand what you are saying about other types of parlours but you may actually be surprised....take a chance, check out Tripadvisor before you go it will work out cheaper and you might find one that works FOR YOU.

Massage schools are a good alternative but I have found that most of them do mainly relaxation massages, not good quality therapeutic massages. Nothing wrong with them, just realize what you will be getting and spend the money on an actual massage therapist once in a while for the therapy side of it. (If there are several schools in your area, like there are in mine, shop around. The price and setting can vary greatly)