First Massage

6 more days to go and i have my first professional massage! the girlfriends and I have decided that we need to be spoilt, so its a full day of manicures, pedicures, full body massage! going to be heaven!

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You're right. A good, fmassage by a person who knows what they are doing, is heaven. you guys chose the right way toy spoil yourselves. ere's to a good rubbing!

Drink lots of water afterward to help with the post massage lactic acid that can lead to pain the next day. Try a hot stone massage in the winter sometime - you'll literally melt! Super relaxing.

I love massage to additve yes

massages additve yes both types professional and sexy

Ooh, massages can be addictive!!!

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Good for you! I hope you are getting regular massage now.

well i had the massage and it was great...had a neck and shoulder massage, my shoulders were sensitive a few days after but it was well worth it<br />
<br />
Now im doing an indian head massage soon! cant wait :)