Once to twice a week a regular masseuse who works for my parents visits at home and it's like the best an hour an a half of the day. :D
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I just got one yesterday
..and the finish was yummy.

Good - I can trade up

Of course. Very subtle ...and professional.

Lol I just hinted by slightly elevating my pelvis and he grazed my crotch ...then I gave him a mmmmm and he took it from there. It took him five minutes to make me ***. And it was so wonderful. I felt incredible.

He never slipped a finger it was all external. But it hit the spot. Huge!!!

Mine was right there!!!! ;)

I have several female friends whom I give massage to on a regular basis. I am ALWAYS nude when I give massage. The first few times I gave them massage I was professional and didn't touch anything I wasn't supposed to. :) After they became more comfortable with me I'd accidentally brush certain paces but never linger. I would listen and feel for feedback.

Once I feel they want more I push a little further and if there is no resistance I will always give them a happy ending. It's so satisfying giving them a full body massage and they want that little extra something. :) Sometimes they reciprocate.

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I really enjoy the happy ending offerings.

I have a friend who's a licensed masseuse and I really could use a massage too, haha. I'm 23 and I walk like a 70 year old because my back kills me.

i love a good massage myself.

Sounds great, I would love to have a weekly massage.

Our cute