My masseuse did something called "holding" to me yesterday. Holy **** has anyone had this? It was amazing!!!

If you know how the spinal fluid can do this to someone please let me know. I can't find anything online about it.
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I once had a massage from a woman who worked on my lymph node under my left arm. I could feel a strange sensation in the back of my head n neck. I started to smile uncontrollably n she said that folks have a wide range of responses to such a massage. Not an emotional response but a physical response that appeared to be emotional. She was trying to relieve trauma in my rib cage so only worked that area. Good luck n good health :)

I haven't had that with any massage, but you have me curious!!

Ask your masseuse to try it on you. I'm still waiting to hear from someone who laughed or cried hysterically. I wish I could be one but every week she does this and still no emotional reaction. Makes me sad. Although I'm a truly emotional person everyday so it's not being held needing a release. That's why I feel I haven't had the out pour.

Sometimes the comfort is enough and you won't have a strong emotional reaction, but rather a more comforting physical reaction.

It's not supposed to be emotional. Only a few get that burst. This is purely physical. Do you know the technical term?

A Tantric massage? Those are the most physical and can be very physically complete. They awaken your entire body, and also release all the stress and tension.

Thanks. I'll ask for that in Friday.

Did you ask for the Tantric massage, LOL what did she say?

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Sounds awesome! :)

I will have to try it !

Hopefully someone here in Upstate NY is doing this.

what is holding? sounds interesteing

I have no idea. I explained it above. Idk I accepted her offer to try it on me on hopes I'd laugh uncontrollably. I didn't. It's supposed to let emotions out as well as even your fluid.

Not a massage therapist or anything, but I think you're referring too a Cerebrospinal Fluid Massage.

It wasn't a massage though. It was a technique. It was great whatever she did. The emotions weren't strong for me though. I was disappointed I wanted to laugh. Nothing happened except the lower throbbing which healed whatever lower back pain I had.