It's a comfort thing.

When I was a little girl and my parents lived together, my Dad always took me to bed, and rubbed my back so I would get off to sleep. It did calm me down and reassure me. He liked to talk with me as I was drifting off to sleep, about wonderful things.

When I moved in with him at fourteen, he was reassuring about what had happened to me. He came into what had been his bedroom, to talk with me as I tried to get to sleep. After a time there, I asked him to return to rubbing my back liked god did when I was that little girl.

No one massages me liked Daddy does!
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I love a massage too. A back rub was always effective in helping my step daughter to sleep also.

I get a massage every week, but nothing made me as calm as when my mother rubbed my back, when I was young.

I hope that you enjoy the rest if your vacation.

Thank you

I have a good massage story for you to read


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How was your holiday?

Second week now!

I forgot that you are European. Enjoy the rest of your holiday.