Giving More Than Receiving

for years working on the art of massage.  Study books and workout my forearms to get the strength built up so when I go to massage it goes deep and feels good, she likes them but doesn't want to impose on me to do it.

I will gladly do it whenever she wants for her.

Invested in the oils and lotions, it maybe weird for a guy to walk into Victoria's secret just to find a new lotion for the massage but she benefits from it.


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41-45, M
6 Responses Mar 22, 2009

Well will just have to hold on then..... *wink*

I'm fairly certain I could........................ NO promises though *wink*

Lotion of course...... Could you sit still with a naked man on top of you? *wink*

*ummmmmm* I would soooooo luv that!

Want to give you a massage right now my sweet dear Pix..... ;-)))

yes she does..... ;-)