Spanking My Firend Amanda And Kat

Well last night my firend kat asked me do I wanna come ova to chill so i said she came and picked me up in her mom car..our firend amanda was in the car "there both rican so u no wat that means;).. if u don't no that means they have big butts lol..but back to the they are yelling at each other ova some dumb and I ask them to stop they tell me to shut up so u say ok guy watch when we get to yall house..they stop cuz they new wat was goin to go kat is the kinda person who likes to wine and say things like " ok Richmond I'm srry ill stop or ill be good" so when we got out the car thats what she was doing trying to get me to they both had on tight I said kat your wasn't easy but i got her ova my lap..and spanked her..i made her count to 50. Then I said go get amanda so she did now she was even harder to get ova my lap but I did and she is a kicker and she likes to wiggle i had to hold her I made her count 25 cuz she was moving way to much..after that we watched a moive and laughed bout what just happened
spankingbigbutts spankingbigbutts
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Thts wats im do lol

I don't no lol is there a way I could change it?

lol you could just copy and paste it into another group

Nice story but why did you write it in this group?