Physics And French Fries

"Love divided by any number equals infinity."

- Claudia Richards

What mom said to me when I questioned which of her two daughters she loved more. We had battled over sharing an order of french fries at "Cohen's Hot Dogs" . . . rapidly eating them to grab an advantage over the other . . . and mom gave us her fries. Later I queried her altruistic and memorable act which evolved into a conversation about the boundaries of love.

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I Love this quote! It's so perfect to explain the limitless boundaries of love. Although there are many different varieties of love the depth is truly limitless.

Thanks. That's my mom.

My mom would always say it tastes fine to me..........melts in my mouth. No matter how bad it was.

Your last comment is very thoughtful.

Interesting that any number divided by zero also blows up to infinity (well, undefined - NaN - maybe not exactly the same). <br />
<br />
Too deep for crack of dawn Saturday.

It's the practicality and the impracticality of love that is both easy to define and impossible to understand. It allows moms to defy the laws of the universe. How else could she love me with all of her heart AND love my sister with all of her heart?

your mom is a special woman... and you're a lucky woman

An insightful and timeless should be committed to memory by all. Thanks for sharing Katie.

Your mom is a very bright woman. The world needs more people like her...

Sounds like a very wise mother you have. Mine would just smack us and say stop fighting.

so THAT'S where you get "it"!! <3

You pilfered my comment Woobie :)

proactive pilfering is one of my special talents. ;'0]

Wow, you're mom was cool.....Mine would just shoot us that "soul searing" Mom look and say....."cut it out" That worked sorta good too tho! :D

It's so obvious how well that soul-searching and piercing look worked.

Yeah.....I'm a goofball and sis is a raving psycho...Poor ma....she tried.... :D