I'll take you into that bedroom right now, and I PROMISE you, you will be walking sideways all your LIFE... cause I will have used up ALL your up and down...
SweeetKiester SweeetKiester
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*waits with baited breath*

You're my girl...grabs you, throws you over my shoulder and carries you off to our den of iniquity...

Lol - fun....

dang.... ep never notified me about my den of iniquity experience....lol... did I like it??? ;)

Mmmmm -I believe the screams and moans of "oh yesssssss - more - more - more" indicated it was passable...

hmm... makes me wish I remembered it. *grins*

Well the blindfold, cuffs and riding crop sure got a reaction.


LOL... no doubt... how long after that did you get out of the hospital?

A week - but it was worth it....


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β€œA heart given freely is the most vulnerable and selfless thing one can offer another human being. It can be as fragile and needy as a newly born infant, or as solid and self-supporting as a granite pillar, yet it is the hands of the recipient that determines its ultimate fate.”

Thats why I am a 4th dimensional lover.

oh Reeeealllly.... and how does that work?

It works with 6 senses


like you take me to Bedroom and you would realize that I make my highest record of my Life time with you

babes lets try who will walk sideways..

*grins*... Boy, have you ever seen a trainwreck? *raises eyebrow*

yes i have

well, then, you should know that you don't even want to try... *grins*

y not il makes moves on u...on bed...so hard n roughly until u slowdown n feel tired

hmmm... I'm just really not feeling it... but thanks for trying. *smiles*

i have not yet begun girl..the moment i began ull start moaning and shouting..

.... exactly the cue my Rottweiler wants to hear, as he knows that there is something He can Bite in the house.

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Up and down???????

think REAL hard.............. lol

I get confused when things gets too hard ;O).

Happens to the best of us... *smiles*

Story of my life. It must be my age. ;O)

I already got in trouble once in this thread for commenting on someones age....lol.... it will not happen again.... however... i will say that you are in the same age range as my Significant Friend.... so, you're not THAT old... *grins*

Thank you kind lady :O).
You will not get in any kind of trouble from me about commenting on my age ;O).

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dirty are those whose mind is dirty

That's why they invented showers atom... to cleanse the dirty... and church, to cleanse the mind... I do both, with regularity. *smiles*

thanks with gratitude and good wishes for this hearty compliments

ok then. have an enjoyable evening. ;)

ok and thanks

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I like ********** with two women, not because I’m a cynical sexual predator. Oh no! But because I’m a romantic. I’m looking for β€œThe One.” And I’ll find her more quickly if I audition two at a time.

well, good for you... and next time... post your Russell Brand quote under your own name. *smiles*

Lol, says the lady who watches scrubs ;)

LOL.... ahh... but who said it? ...

Carla of course

Personally, I'm still just searching for the phone number that spells my name, and of course the girl who will key in the last digit regardless

alright.... lol... it's late, and my penchant for looking things up is spent. I am not going to quote-battle you... partcially because I'm tired... and partcially because i don't care whether I'm spelling partcially correctly or if it's even a word... *laughing*.... and partcially.... because I don't want to... you have no profile pic... that bothers me.

Lol, prob because I joined EP 2 hours ago... Gimme a sec to get adjusted, I'm pretty tall, so don't know whether to stoop or strutt just yet :)

OH.. well, welcome to E.P. then... home of the lost, woebegone, clinically insane, women who are men, men who are women, and the few honest ones left of us who actually joined this site when it was good and have stuck around waiting for history to repeat itself. . *grins*

Thanks! Being a tad forlorn, disorientated and mentally confused (as we prefer to be known) sort of fella I'm guessing I'll fit right in :) Besides, I've always liked being there at the start of a new cycle so looking forward to it...

lol... I hope you have your seatbelt fastened....

well... not sure about the sight.... but when i joined the site a fewish plus years ago, it was better than now. you seem a bit jaded cheesey... Care to share?

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Challenge accepted!!!

LOL... You make me laugh M.... *big Huggs*

Oh Nee. I will make you MORE than laugh. I will make you swoon.

SWOON.... I'll have you know I swoon on a regular basis... *grins*

You have not swooned until I have swooned you. *smile*

*swooning*...... ahhhhhhh... I see... ;P

Not just SEE...FEEL, TASTE, LIVE! Soul embracing.

hmmm.... *thinking*... yep... i do that every day... in some small way i see, feel, taste life... and I make my day good... and embrace the things that touch my soul.

THAT...is why you ARE loved.

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Good one, if only. Thanks.

WHAT???? I don't even Know you..... *grins*

Hahaha! Good one!! Thanks.

WHAT !!!!.

ehh... at your age... you're probly just down for the count... so... never mind... *grins*

I seriously doubt that and for your information everything still works.

sorry... wasn't sure how to take your response... I'm sure it does. *smiles*

I am still trying to figure out up and down and sideways. BTW, I do not need any blue pills either.

Well... I'm sure you'll get plenty of practice.. *grins*

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