Done It Again

I have/had a dear friend that I have a great deal of love and respect for, had a lot of a fall out just after new year, mainly my fault. only just started to text each other agian, well l say text each other we used to text anything up to 40 times a day. She used to ring me every day after she finished work, for a chat as you do. We are/were just really good friends nothing more.

I wrote her a letter saying how sorry I was for our fall out, didnt get a reply. I went round to apologize was met with hostilaty ie Im busy, lm busy will reply to your letter. I nearly did no l did cry on the way home, yep some men do that !

I got a text a week later saying sorry & that she didnt like to be put on the spot, understandable really. The text was a tad of a shock as l didnt expect it. She said that she would meet at weekend to "discuss". Weekend came no text came. So l text her on Sunday at 1400ish, the reply was sorry cannot make it busy but will see you next week at a tutorial. I thought Oooh bugger I would have much prefared to meet socially before the tutorial.

Well to get to the point, I texted her tonight saying that I have tried my best to apologise with all my heart, I wrote you a letter, you said that you would reply, you didnt, you said that you would meet for coffee, you didnt. I said that l was trying my best but I feel that l am getting kicked in the teeth, what more can l do ??

Her reply was would have met you at tutorial if it hadnt been for your last text, I suggest that you go to a tutorial with a differant tutour than me, she explained that she had a ****** cold at weekend, if she had a ****** cold why didnt she just say so, better to say that than, no carnt make it lm busy, well l would have thought so ! maybe lm wrong but if she had been more honest I would have easier for me to understand. surly better to say that no lm busy ? or is that just me ?

Well she doent want anything at to do with me now & it hurts, if l hadnt sent her a text today maybe there was a chance of us still been mates. Bugger me ! why do l always seem to shoot myself in the foot. Ive lost a really good mate though a silly text.
Seems to be the sorry of my life !!
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besides i love the way you write......

AWWWW thank you for the giftie.....there is someone for everyone....YES<br />
there is......there is someone else....just hoping and waiting for your affection<br />
someone asked me to marry them 2 weeks ago with a stunner of an engagement<br />
ring about 5K...........we just never know when someone will come along...just never give up.....

To be honest lve givern up, getting to the point where l dont care, too many people have took my kindness for a weakness, so l give up. hold my hands up and say enough is enough

i wish i could see a pic of ya..replyin to a picture of the ocean waves is not ah rather not the real you......plueeese!!!!
I know there is a sense of humor in there I can hear it........

Hi, Hope you don't mind me chiming in. Seems like it's the technology that gets in the way sometimes. A true misunderstanding. You might also want to consider this may be something entirely separate that she's going thru and the timing landed on your friendship.<br />
I'm trying to figure out why friend of over 30 yrs stopped speaking to me out of the blue, I've always been a so/so friend and wonder did she finally get sick of me or is something wrong?<br />
Most likely she sees my activity on line and thinks I have plenty of time, why not call her.<br />
It's true, but I like this venue better...Hope you're friend comes around, I know you're out of sorts when you lose a companion...

My ex friend will never come around l sorry to say. I text her to say that if she didnt hide behind friends and talked then maybe we could resolve this. Oooh no her has threatend to get the police involved, saying stay away or futher action will be taken

That doesn't seem to be your fault. She wasn't clear and it seemed like she was giving you the brush off. I'm sorry you're hurt and feeling the loss of a daily friend to conversate with. I hope she comes around.

i dont think she will sadly, we were just great friends nothing more, I miss her &amp; her companionship