Persistance, grafitti in Sydney

One of my fave lil funny stories, and cool

Many years ago, I would catch the train early morns, from outer suburbs, into the heart of Sydney.

On the way i would enjoy checking out the various grafitti.

There was a dude, who grafittied all over Sydney at the time, and he only ever wrote the one thing.


It was all over Sydney, buildings, fences, in public toilets, anywhere you went.

I would pass a large abbatoirs on the way every morn, and it had its own train platform, which was in effect the entire back wall of the abbatoirs. A huge white wall, some 50 yards long, 4-5 yards high, and unbroken, perfect for Ralph

Then it appeared one morn

RALHP THE BONG, in bright red letters, written as large as possible, so like 8 feet tall, and each letter like, 4-5 feet across, huge.

Few days later, it was gone, painted out. But a few days later, it reappeared. few days later, gone again, painted out, few days later, it was back.

This went on for a while, and I would look every morning, wondering how the battle was going. Each time it reappeared, it would be painted out, but after a while, maybe both sides were tiring, as it would remain bare for weeks, then reappear for weeks.

After a few months of this, it remained painted out, and I kept waiting for Ralph to strike again, but he didnt. I was dissapointed in him. It remained a blank wall for many months, maybe a year, and he had obviously given up on the idea. Such a bummer.

Then one morning there it was!!!, but this time with an added touch, same huge writing in bright red


Man, I laughed at that, it was so good, how fkn cool is that?

And the good thing is, they had given up too, or maybe the CEO appreciated it, cos it stayed there for an age ha ha
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Feb 9, 2013