The Feral Cat

When we first arrived here in Tasmania to live, a small island state below the mainland of Australia, we were cruising around the state in our wagon, still playing tourist.

We came across a country pub at dusk, and decided to go in for a while. Just before arriving tho, a feral mother cat, with a bunch of tiny new born kittens ran across the road in front of us.

We spent a couple of hours in the pub, and as we drove off, here was one of the tiny lil kittens on the side of the road, obviously abandoned. I couldnt leave it there, so stopped and picked it up. It was like some pershian or burmese or something. it was a tiny ball of super fluffiness. But it was feral, totally wild, and tho only newborn, it was a wild, hissing, spitting animal.

We had our two, fairly big dogs with us, in the back, and it went ape sht at them, and our dogs didnt know what to make of it. Anyways, off we went, with this manic thing laying across my shoulders, and against the back of my seat, hissing and spitting at anything that went near it, including my ex, and she couldnt get near it either.

We drove around for a few more days, with this manic thing just constantly going off, and after a while, we figured it would never change, it was just too wild, and we wondered what we could do with it.

One night, we pulled into a trailer park, and stayed overnight. We went out for dinner, and when we got home, the place was a shables, and figured it was the dogs leaping around the place, desperate to get away from this lil crazy thing, that would been attacking them all night. we decided it had to go, cos the dogs were on edge all the time, and just couldnt relax.

The nexy morn, we are getting ready to go, and as we load the car, I hear a pathetic mewling of a kitten, not our little thing, cos there was nothing pathetic about that. I look over to another caravan, and here is this gorgeous little newborn ginger kitten, tied to the front door by a ribbon, and sitting there mewling and all alone. I, how could you leave a lil kitten tied up all day like that.

As we are about to leave, I get a cool idea. I simply swapped kittens, took the lil cute ginger one, and tied up the hissing, spitting little maniac in its place.

We had to leave, but dam, woulda been so good to see the owners turn up, see the maniac, and stand there going

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Feb 9, 2013