From a sexual point of view, I find that word one of the hottest on the planet.

For me, and for her

To build things, but not yet go there.

The looks, the sounds, the breath, the little movements, the touches.

The words, and how they are delivered......god, the words....yum.

To build the intensity

But not go there.

To nearly be there

But dont

To build it again

And pull it back

It is teasing in its ultimate form

To be using all the elements of expectation, those sounds, smells, breaths, touches, looks, movements, words, and to have it building and building for hours

To have that intensity and expectation just growing and growing....God

Then it finally happens, it all just builds and explodes into a kaleidescope of sensation


Then you know why anticipation is so dam hot
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1 Response Feb 9, 2013

Well said!