Me Too!

This is something I can't be very eloquent about. I live in the mid south and I love them.  I remember once the clouds turned dark green, and it got so dark that the street lights came on. The clouds were jagged and droopy, and the air smelled strongly of fish.

Once in Mississippi,  I was kidding around with some buddies and Isaid, "Hey, I can make it rain."  I did this Hopi Indian thing and drew a turtle in the dirt and then spit on its' tail. A few hours later a tornado wiped out a trailer park, and killed some kids and their gramma just a mile from where I did it.  I sure hope that was coincidence.  I felt pretty bad.

So now I throw in a disclaimer,  I love storms as long as they don't kill anybody, but the real fun ones here, usually do.  It poses a moral dilemma for me.  Sometimes the hail will kill cows.  I got some knots on my head myself when I was 15.

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Yeah, I guess there are no really exciting safe storms.

This sounds just like oklahoma , The buckle of the Bible belt where every time a twister shows up everyone starts to pray as one will most likely hear OMG here it comes , Not to long ago in downtown OKC an entire auto dealership was gone from the face of the earth and is now an empty lot .

and so dangerous. I've always got my face plastered against the window, or I'm standing just under the eaves. One hot day my husband and I were sitting on the front steps watching the clouds roll in. Suddenly we saw in the distance a strange looking wall of cloud. We went inside just in time to avoid being pelted by hail that broke windows and punched holes into our neighbors' vinyl siding. The storm lasted about ten minutes, and nearly every house in our community got new siding and shingles shortly after that. Yes, I love Alberta storms too, but not the ones that kill.

I absolutely LOVE Alberta storms... the wild lightning, the loud, thick thunder... the pounding, gigantic raindrops.... wow... I usually turn off all the lights, open the blinds, put my feet up and watch the beauty of it all through my living room window... it's so relaxing.....

I like storms rainy and raint days, they give an excuse to stay in bed,or just laze around the house,yea I like storms