Music to My Soul

The sound of thunder, the rain hitting the roof and windows, oh it is so peaceful. The exhilaration of thunder and lightening. I love laying in my bed at night just listening to the sounds and watching the lightening flash. It calms me. Strange that such turmoil can give someone peace.

But then, when it is a different kind of storm, when the clouds are too low, and the air is too still and too hot. There is a strange color to the sky and nothing moves, but you can feel your whole world trembling, waiting for the disaster to strike. I stand on my porch, watching and waiting for the chance to get a one of a kind picture all the while yelling for everyone else to take cover, its gonna be a bad one. Praying that it wont be a big one.

silvertears silvertears
31-35, F
Aug 3, 2007