That Voice

 Yesterday was pizza day at work. I had the honour of calling the orders in.

I called the day before to confirm the cost of the pizza. Brief conversation. But that voice. Just took my breath away. I almost went speechless.

Had to call back last night to place the orders. Same voice. Can I just die? Every time he repeats what I say, I get lost in the list I'm holding. Damn, that voice, is all that goes through my head.

The girls at work were all curious. They said I had "that look" after making the call and asked me why. So I told them and with all the giggles and hoots, they wanted me to pick up the pizza orders instead of delivery.

But I didn't. No point of knowing who or what he looks like. I'm simply enamoured with that voice. And that's enough for me until the next pizza day. LOL ;)

Sylphy Sylphy
41-45, F
17 Responses Feb 13, 2010

LMAO! Never thought a sexy voice should be an asset to a pizza place... hahaha<br />
I could do that, you know...but nah...defeats the purpose of having a mystery voice on the other end of the line. ;)

Well, of course it wasn't ! He was probably put onto pizza making production line. You have to ask for him. Then the boss will know what an asset he is to the company and only employ guys with sexy voices to work the phone ;)

And, WG...I called last night to order. We had guests and they wanted pizza...sure, I said...would love to call and order........wasn't the same voice...argh! ;) that idea, WG.....but it would be nicer if I hear more than just "pepperoni and bacon, feta cheese and italian sausage, bacon and mushroom"...

No, just record his voice and play it back whenever you feel the need ;)

Okay...don't tell me then...I might really get obsessed! LOL ;)

So are you going to have pizza again today? I think I'd call then ask to speak to the guy with the sexy voice. your humour, Taken...or maybe you're serious about the phone number??? LOL ;)<br />
<br />
Now don't tell me the online site your hubby goes to...I might get obsessed with his voice...oh wait...I think I know which it something to do with poker??? ;)

Oh, with Bella...she can still surprise me from time to time! LOL ;)

I think you know Sylph!! lol

LMAO!!! :D are so lovable! *giggling here* ;)

Oh ...There are so many reasons to get on the phone :D

Oh finally!!! The ladies heard me...LOL Thanks, Bliss, Bella... :) I knew I would be understood here.<br />
<br />
What button, Bliss? Ooohhh, need to know where that button is! LOL ;)<br />
<br />
Well, if it ain't pizza, Bells...what were you doing on the phone??? Hmmm...;)

Sylph ,I had a similar experience last week.The only difference was I wasn't ordering pizza hehe<br />
<br />
But that voice remains in my head ;)

I agree with you Sylph ... I think it's because the low notes in a man's voice just hit a particular button ... once it's happened you can't get it out of your mind ...

I think I remember that video...vaguely...gotta be Billy Idol. He's very naughty! LOL...But wait...that's not the point. You're a guy, Deanze...*that voice* I heard can't be a woman...can't be...<br />
<br />
Where are all these lady friends in my circle???!!!

LOL! It's hard to explain because you're a guy...but in a way, you almost got it...I think. ;)