He Doesn`t Love Me Anymore

I met him on a beautiful sunny Saturday. It was our first date; at the end, he told me he thought I was the one. Three weeks later we spent our first night together and four weeks later he told me he loved me.

Second month: he brought me a shell from the beach because it looked like the shape of my eye. He looked at me as if I were the only thing in the room. I started to stay at his place on the weekends.

Third month; I found out about a girl friend that he had a vague relationship with. He claimed she meant nothing to her, I was all he looked at. He started chatting with other people and laughing more at the computer screen than with me.

Fourth month: We had to move to separate places but decided to do long-distance. He told me he loved me.

Fifth month - Seventh month: Sometimes he ignored me while chatting. But we called each other every day. He texted me I love you in Japanese. Our greeting at the end of the call was "Love you".

Eighth month: I asked to break up because I suspected he was chatting with several girls where he was. The fifth time I asked, he agreed.

Ninth month: He called me to tell me he missed me. We did not restart our relationship, but started talking again, every day. But in the midst, I noted the silent chats. A couple of times he told me he loved me.

Tenth month: He hung up on me one day when I tried to contact him for four hours. He told me I had to remember he had a life too. I broke up with my ex again and cried for a month.

Eleventh month: He called me again to tell me he missed me, but just wanted to be friends. We talked for an hour, then suddenly he broke it off. He texted: I dont like talking in the car. When we had spent countless hours talking on the phone in the car before.

Thats the story of my ex. He wants me only as a friend, and i suspect strongly he is contacting some other girl. I must say goodbye. Holding on will only hurt me when he finally gets into another relationship for real. But I miss him so much. He is my only friend in this world.
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2 Responses Mar 23, 2011

Girl. You do not need him. Buy a cute *** outfit and go out with your girls and forget him.

Yes you are right, and you deserve to be loved not played with. There and millions of people looking for friends and millions looking for lovers, you will find the right people for you. <br />
<br />
I am in situation where I am a care giver, and I don't have a social life at all its very hard. So I can identify with you. Just hang in there and be open to what comes your way.