He said he wanted to be friends. How can you be friends with someone and make them go through what I'm going through? I cry every night about him. It ****** me off sometimes, because my best friend has to deal with me wallowing in self-pity...and she says I need to think I can get over him. She has the PERFECT first relationship. My first relationship crashed and burned, and I got over him pretty quick because he cheated on me. But this was my second relationship, a summer romance, and it all turned bad when he transfered to my school. He started hanging out with my friend Jane (name changed) because her mom has cancer and his mom and her mom are best friends. Also, Jane's dad is good at repairing things. He's a handyman, and his family needed a handyman. So, he broke up with me, over the phone, after a great 8-month long relationship...and he did admit that he liked Jane. Personally I think it's a two-birds-with-one-stone kind of thing for him. Break up with me, date Jane. Jane is a GREAT friend of mine, a bit older than me, but she is really a wonderful person, going through a lot of stuff. She said she wouldn't date him until I was completely okay with's been a month or so, and I'm not okay with it at all. I still love him, so much, and yet, since their families are friends, she goes to the movies with him (granted, with little sisters and parents along) and goes to his house, and rides horses, and all sorts of things that we used to do together as a couple. I hang out with him still, as 'friends,' but whenever she joins us to make a *********, he acts so much differently. Like he used to act around me. I miss it so much. I met him July 4th, he gave me his Yahoo Messenger list, and then he emailed me at about 1 AM July 5, asking me out. July is coming up. I miss him.
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There's a book....HE'S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU

*appenting to revive old story* Naw sweetie, unrequited love is such a hard thing to go through. Remember that you are still very young and will probably love someone else as much in the future; so try not to be too unhappy now, it will ruin a period of your life... [I've experienced it, and it certainly wasn't fun :( ]...<br />
I hope that you are feeling better now :)