Love My Best Friend

I wont say no to something so clear as day light!

so pure as honey..

so amazing as the stars..

so cool as the snow..

I could go on..besides this is a story not a love poem


Ive known him for 5-6 years now..if tahts right..(?)
Kinda hard to have a guy as your best friend >_<;

even harder when he is all the way in another state!!

I know..youre probably thinking..uhh what are you doing then?! GO!!

And thats where my brilliant plan/goal comes flooding in!

There isnt a bad thing i could say about him..
Havent found any flaws as of yet XD

Nah..hes a great guy! Thing is.. he is also extreamly Mysetrious..and full of mayhem...which adds to me liking him even more!

Whats that saying? Curiousity killed the cat? O_O

Im very curious as to how he thinks of me....

maybe he doesnt even realise what kind of feelings i have for him..and how far and strong im willing to go..even just to be by his side, and his precence

We have seen eachother twice, it was alot of fun! I just wish i couldve stayed longer..actualy..last time..i thought about canceling my plane back home, in order to just stay...regardless of anything!

I feel so cmofy when im with him, so very not scared ill do something "silly" or "stupid" and embares myself, mainly cos i know what his reactions will be towards it..i

He has a GREAT sence of humor! If i wanted to "get happy" and was down and talk to him..he definately brings me back up!

I know the long distance kills it..
and thats what im working on

I could write a book on wouldnt be hard..thats just one thing id do..
words cannot express how much i love my best friend

*hugs him*

He's been with me threw bad times and good times, never judged me, and always has something funny to tell, so yeah.. he knows more about me than even my own family!

I love ya mate! Hope to see you soon!

Natz Natz
22-25, F
1 Response Jun 8, 2007

Aww! That sounds like true love. I really think you should go for it. Nothing can hold back true love, and if you don't see him soon, you may regret it for a long time to come.