I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO????????even my mom tries helping..........WIERDD

Ok...well I went to to the town were my parents were born and i met a great guy.  Everybody there was related to me except for like 10 people and i fell in love this summer that i went to visit i met him. His name is Luis and hes so great. I fell for him quick i never have felt anything like that before. He treated me with respect, he was a great kisser and he was just so sweet and treated me like if i was his everything...he wasnt fake at all not like those guys that r players...every body that knew him there even my moms brothers said he was a great guy and that he was a hard worker and everything...he was my first kiss, the first person I held hands with, the only guy who ever worte poems and versus and songs and dedicated things to me.  He treated me like i was the only gurl in the world. We promised to keep a long distance relationship. And recently i found out that someone told him that i was going out with someone else (not true at all by the way) and he was crushed and he did not come out of his house for 6 months and all my cousins (the guys) (his friends) made fun of him for falling so much for me...because i was his first too.  And then they threw one of my cousins on him telling him that she would help him forget me and he didnt know what to do so he went out with her...but he doesnt even like her...then one of my other cousins alex  (luis's best friend) told Luis  that i was going over there that summer and he went to buy me a necklace with our names on it and left the other girl.And i love him ssssssoooooooo much but its so long distance and i dont know what to do...i love him so much.  I LOVE HIM TOO MUCH...even my parents began to notice what i feel for him and at first they made fun of me and kalled him kitty because of his green eyes and they thought it was a crush only but then they began to see it was more...they tried to comfort me which i thought it was strange because they are so strict about guys and never let me go out or nothing.
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Relationship gets developed over time , not in a few days. Seeing it positively helps.

Long distance relationships are hard. Good luck working something out.