I'm Confused

so this is an interesting predicament.

many months ago, one of my closest friend's recommended i play bass for her boyfriend's band. So i did, i knew he was off limits so i didn't look twice at him for many many many months.

he's a very flirty guy so eventually though we ended up platonically flirting constantly. I tried for months and months to hold off having a crush on him and i've been denying it to myself and everyone else. but lately things have changed a little bit.

a few months ago, my other friend who is also the first friend's best friend told me while she was quite inebriated that she had made out with his at SXSW (which is a giant music festival the band went to, this girl was formerly in the band btw)

she also told me that he more recently said he didnt like my friend anymore. a few weeks after that i talked to him aboiut it and he said he didn't.

a few weeks after THAT we made out

and then last week we made out for...extended amounts of time..

i feel like a horrible horrible person

i asked him if he was happy in his relationship and he said yes because shes not around very much.

what kind of answer is that??

ive tried so long to not like him but having made out with him i think i just want him more...

what do people do in this kind of situation???
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3 Responses Dec 7, 2006

I'm in the same situation except that she's not my friend. I have never met her because she is never around. I never asked him if he was happy, he just said she was mad because he doesn't spend enough time with her. And that they were "on the rocks".<br />
<br />
I had a crush on him. Then I had sex with him. I shouldn't have, because this "crush" is 15 times worse now. Oh the forbidden ones are the ones we want oh so badly... lol

awww im kinda i the same position but nt along those lines. comment or message me if u wanna know my story

He sounds like he's having his cake and chomping it down to the max. If he's screwing around with his girlfriend would he to that to you to? Or is it a genuine connection? Ahhh boys are way too difficult!!