Do I Leave It Alone?

I am pretty sure I'm falling for a guy at work who has been actively pursuing me for about 4 weeks. His relationship isn't going well because is 32 and he is only 25. She is wanting children and he's not ready for it, etc. Anyway upon meeting 4 weeks ago we completely hit it off. We have so much in common and are really just on the same page. His girlfriend found out yesterday that we had been seeing each other and she's having an emotional meltdown. He told her what was going on. I am just hoping that he doesn't go back to the relationship but tries to wind it down. AARRRGGHH I am just so frustrated. I need to give them space to sort it out though...
MelbournePartyGirl MelbournePartyGirl
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3 Responses Apr 12, 2007

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can you please add me? i'd like to share my fantasy with you in private:)

What happened afterward?