I Love When Guys Stre At My Butt!!

I love finding the perfect jeans or short-shorts because I can see all those guys checking me out (; it's sweet.
selena2437 selena2437
22-25, F
14 Responses May 8, 2012

And I love staring at cute butts in jeans, shorts and tight skirts too !!

Oh your naughty

I have known several men who have snapped their necks when being blindsided by a butt.. One guy says it can't be helped. Great art has such strong attraction.

I'd love to check u out in those tight jeans u got.

I am sure that I would love to stare at your *** all day ;)

looks like you have the perfect body to tease us...would love to see more of you...

A nice butt turns my head. It is so automatic. I can't even keep a conversation going when a pair of tight pants go by.

would like to check your *** out! add me please.

I know fells good. Especially if they smack your *** or wisel

You should please add me. I would so love to see your ***.

an i love looking at your butt x

Finally, a girl who appreciates guys who appreciate a nice butt. I really don't even try to hide it when I'm captivated by a girl's *** and it's good to know there's someone out there who thinks that's just fine!

I'd check you out for sure ;)

you should add some pics of your *** so i can stare baby... id love to send you a tribute, or *** over and contribute....