My Letter To Santa Claus, December 2012

Short and to the point:


Pictures sent with this letter (which I added after the comments, below, were made):

When he got older, and long after he and Bruce Wayne stopped hanging out, **** Grayson gave up the Robin persona.  He eventually took on a new superhero role of Nightwing.  As you can see, that didn't stop his need for spankings.
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Tsk tsk ... **spanks you** ...

Any details? Pm me! lol

For details, imagine Robin using the bat-computer to view pictures of Batgirl, wearing just her mask and a smile. Of course, he really enjoyed his spanking once Batgirl found out, even though he'll have trouble riding in the Bat-mobile for while.

Needless to say, I won't be redeeming myself to Santa this year.

well done ... a little confession is good for the soul ... I'll bet you feel cleansed now!

Oh, just a little. There's more I could add, but that would ruin the mystery of what puts a clean, well-mannered man like me on Santa's naughty list. Thanks for your reply.

now you're just teasing! grr ... lol

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