Oh Love

DIS STORY IS ABOUT a girl who loved a boy so much dat she could offer everything she had just to be with him and u know who dat girl is(she laughs...) is me.his name is Elvis he also loved me but the problem was just dat he could not stop flirting he always cheated on me and I didn't care cuz I thought I could change him but all ma efforts 2 change the devil didn't work right now we got a problem cuz of a girl whom he made me 2 understand was the cousin yet I donot know if he is saying the truth.The main think which agravated the whole situation was dat I insulted him so badly and now I'm regreting why I did dat.I asked 4 forgiveness which he gave me but he told me he needed time 2 digest the insults he recieved from me.Do any1 think dat he can accept me back into his life?please I need your own concern and advice!I'm really in pains right now,should I 4get about him and move on with ma life or wat?
18-21, F
May 7, 2012