Loving My Man In Prison Who Has Life Without Parole

I met Danny through a friend. Her husband and Danny were in Prison together and he was looking to have someone to write too. I decided to write my first letter after about 2 weeks of getting his address. I talked about me but nothing too serious. I was really looking for a friend and I had no intentions of falling in love with this man. We wrote so many letters and he sent me some of his artwork (whih is really great). We talked about love and what eachother wanted and having been in numerous failed relationships with both men and women I told myself that I needed to take a break from relationships. I did this and we wrote about both of our failed ones and being hurt and never having 100% trust. We decided to talk on the phone. Waiting for that first phone call was torture. Finally after about 3 weeks of submitting paperwork he called. The sound of his voice was amazing. I was so nervous but after that first call they got alot better. We talk 2 times a day and although being in a relationship with someone who will never come home I am a devoted girlfriend and soon to be wife. I would love to meet other people whom are also in these relationships. I feel sometimes that I am being judged and I understand why but as in any relationship you are excited and want to talk about them. I am not at all embarassed to be with Danny, he is amazing and I have finally met the man that I was supposed to be with. Even though we will never have sex and there are many restrictions on our relationship I am commited to my man. He loves me and I love him and that is something that you cannot fight.
fink0829 fink0829
31-35, F
May 11, 2012