I Do Actually Love A Man That Can Cook...

So I am married to a Chef. Not just a chef, but a CHef. He is a Badass in the kitchen. He takes the most complex of ingredients, the most outlandish of animals, the recipe you couldn't imagine, and makes it into an artistic masterpiece. He has swept crowds with "trotter stock" and "jowl ragout".

But where am I, in this scenario?

People never really inquire into "the wife behind the chef"... they have their balls out personalities, their abrupt manners on camera, their brashness behind the scenes in the back of the house... yet if you were to ask a chef about their wife, they would wax eloquent. "She's amazing", he would say. "She puts up with my bullsh**, she is always there waiting for me when I get home, even if its 2nice a.m., she will have food ready and waiting...".
I am the wife behind the chef.
I wake in the morning around 5:30, when our youngest wakes, and hit the ground running. The day follows as a hazy mess of feeding kids, running errands house cleaning paying bills cooking meals talking to relatives helping hubby out without day to day things, the list goes on. And. It.Never.Stops.
Holidays, weekends? Nonexistent. Think about it. That's when people go out to eat. Kids birthdays? I'm a one woman band.
Valentines Day/ Anniversaries? Have to send constant reminders one month prior to compete with the inventory,banquets,hiring/firing, menu planning, , etc.... and even then it prob wont happen.

So yes. I love a man that can cook... does the cooking love me?
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1 Response May 12, 2012

Okay, so maybe a personal chef is best...with YOU as the person.