My Hubby Is a Chef-wanna-be

I am not really all that great at cooking and so I am so thankful that my husband knows how to cook. He really enjoys it too! Sometimes he gets into that kitchen and he starts experimenting with all kinds of different seasonings and stuff and I even hear him say, "Bam!" every now and then. Maybe he watches too many cooking shows... I don't know! But I do know that my husband likes to pretend that he is a professional chef and he can really get into the cooking mood sometimes. And he's really good at it, too!
RaggedyAnn RaggedyAnn
26-30, F
1 Response May 31, 2007

Wow thats great lucky you!! My ex boyfriend used to like to cook and he was also a pretty good cook! Another friend of mine her husband cooks for her too and she says he is a really good cook! I want to marry Emeril but he is already taken!lol!