Yes, I Totally Agree . . .

A man that can enjoy cooking is a real winner in my book.  Cooking has never been my strong suit - I love to sou chef and that means wash the veggies, cut them up and all that jazz but if I'm by myself just stirring some fruit into some cottage cheese is cooking to me.  I do make a mean potato salad though and enjoy doing it.  I used to make some fantastic banana cream and lemon pies but that was a long time ago.  My 1st husband was an excellent cook.  His family shows their love to each other by cooking which is a wonderful way to show love.
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3 Responses Jun 2, 2007

Yes it is! Especially when it's a feast! lol

My husband is the best cook I know. He cooks all the meals and I do all the baking. It is how we show love to each other and to others. I am with you though, moxie, I consider putting fruit in my cottage cheese cooking too! Hehe. Thank goodness for men that cook! Hugs :)

I too tend to show my love through cooking. It conveys so much more than a meal to me.