Broken Heart

 I fell in love with a man that was married. We started off flirting, and O, how much fun that was. I don't think I ever felt like that with anyone befor. When it started he was actully engaged and I didn't know it. I found out from ariend. Man did that hurt to find out. We cooled things off, we stopped flirting with each other, but we still had to see each other and that becomes very hard. We talked. We started flirting again, it was still fun and exciting, eventhough I knew it was wrong. We've had our ups and downs. We both get caught up with it's wrong but feels sooooo great. We cool things off, we keep it professional and sometimes we've totally tried to ignore each other, but that one hurts the most. I, maybe we, would still like to be friends, but, it's very hard to keep it there. I know I would love to have more, but he has kept his vow to his wife, and I commend him for that.  It still hurts though every day that I see him. I don't totally understand why we can't just be friends. I wish we could figure things out without having to have to ignore each other. We have some mutual friends and it's hard not to see each other. I don't want to forget our time together and I don't want to become just a memory, because memories die over time. Our time we spent together was and is some of the most amazing times in my life, all of it, inclueding the hurt times. I have an empty space in my chest from where I once had a friend, a confidant and an almost lover. I hope someday I can fill that space up again with smiles, laughter and love.

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I guess many of us don't plan on it, it just happens

Hugs to you my friend. For I have been there to...

Yes it is...especially when they say they love you and you know they mean it. I still wouldn't change it eventhough I have cried more than when I went threw my divorce.

Hits close to home... I fell in love with a married woman quite unintentionally. What a mess! A very painful situation indeed!

omg, Ive been there and know the feelings your going through all too well.<br />
Love, the best feeling ever, in the world. Its also the worst feeling ever, in the world.<br />
Hang in there.