Well, intimate times with him are very separate as in times, there are no ********** intercourse, because of the way we gave of ourselves to him, is so individual because naturally each woman is unique, in natural response to his caring love and his romantic love for each one. Intercourse was always intimate, very private and was done one on one and not  in **********.


In other words, we were never in the same room, waiting for our turn, to be taken with his love.


We did have a special place in our cozy Home where we would give ourselves to his passions… to have more of me and her. His passion for our companionship and touch went beyond just our intimate times in the bedroom, even outside of it he really wanted to know everything about me and her. well, now it's just me.



I never was able to express myself in this spirit of words… but thanks to her and him and this someone else that inspired us... in such a unique way....I learned what is now a very part of me. You would never guess who inspired my present husband and me and carol back then... what a small world here at the Experience Project.... I had to take down some of my expressions in my comments because well.... long story....




Does not each woman have her own uniqueness?


Therefore each can be loved for that uniqueness. His  love for each other was then also unique in expression, the other just does not have and cannot replace, we learned well, Indeed each woman has her own uniqueness the love that flows from her to him and vice versa when combine with each other…. it’s expression…unique mixture not replaceable by the other or any other woman for that matter.  This is what I and He have learned....


There seems to be a permanent separation From Carol, for reasons too loooong to explain right now.


I do miss her, I have a sister love for her.


There are woman interested in joining the family of more than one wife but only with him, but he is very picky.  She must be willing to renew her mind about what we call sex.... we would point her also the friend that taught us, increased us, brought out the inner man/woman of our family.

Is really our union, a point of intense embrace, affection and passion; well, it means more to him and me now; than a nut or pleasure and his hormones and mine, as we are taught by the world and movies, books, woman friends etc. She must be willing to renew her mind about what the feminine love is in a world where feminine love and a romantic love is a thing of the past and only for the romance novels. After all, all we need is money and more expensive things, right! I used to have this mentality! I used to think I was very very loving because I had a long list on how I should be romanced and treated. I had all the emotions for love and fantasized about being loved and romance was a fantasy, instead of walking in it’s principles, this is what he taught me and that special person who taught us! I did not have a long list on how to stir his passion for me and how to romance him back and how treat him. I didn’t really realize… many things Not found in books by the so called relationship experts...


 I did learn a lot from him mostly and then Carol, what I learned from my love and Carol, was inspired by a special mentor what a small world here at Experience Project! We have the same spirit of words of this person but express ourselves with our uniqueness!!!


 Submissive Love is to give,  how satisfying


submittolove submittolove
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Each of you brings a different painting of the spirit to my bed, but being a man and strong, knowing I am secure in my manhood, I bring others, because a woman cannot blossom with only a single man to worship her.<br />
<br />
See my post on a Circle of 12.<br />
<br />
I think it will be an awakening within you.

it is beautiful that you understand that love is so much more than just sex and do not feel jealousy when your man chooses to have another love ... you are a good woman ......... add me to friends please

I myself am involved in a polyamorous relationship at the moment, and reading this has very much helped me in my current predicament. Thank you for sharing your story.

I myself am involved in a polyamorous relationship at the moment, and reading this has very much helped me in my current predicament. Thank you for sharing your story.

This is deep tell me more aobut why you cherish polygyny. How did you become interested in polygyny? Have a great day.

Why does love have to attached to sex? Well, the sex word is made up word that has separated this act of what it is suppose to be....the so called sex.... is a union of affection of taking and surrendering of what one owns very much... their body... and there is so much more

why doesn't the mormon aspect always come in. I believe in poly and am not a mormon though I was baptized it in bootcamp but for other reasons.<br />
<br />
Why does love always have to be attached to sex. You love your parents right does that mean you would boink them. There are diffrent ways of expressing love and if a couple decide they can express love to a third person (read I said a couple not one member of the couple) sexualy then why should they not.<br />
<br />
I think it takes a greater amount of trust to share something like that with your significant other and then act upon it with the trust that they will never be replaced.<br />
<br />
I love my wife and she loves me. All that matters is she loves no one person more then she loves me. The great thing about the soul though is there is always room for more love. Instead of filling up it grows to where it always ahs room for more.

Do you happen to be a Colorado City/FLDS related person?

We do enjoy a BDSM realm so intense!!<br />
<br />
Because ultimately we want to fully express my feminine and his masculine love.<br />
<br />
And these to dynamics have to do with his passionate demands for more of me and my surrender to give... of myself.<br />
<br />
Things do become D/s in the realm of BDSM, but our focus is not to get kinky.. But live the spiritual and emotional of it all.... IT does not have to get soooo kinky.<br />
<br />
There is a new woman that just arrived, unexpected, she is beautiful and feminine but he should see what is in her pandora's box her mind... to renew for her and perhaps US... and how willing she is, to take the steps.<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
Submissive love

I'm not 100% sure ElLagarto if you were addressing my comment, so just in case I thought I would explain. When I use the word strong to describe the trust and love in a Poly lifestyle I truly mean it. While it is a different trust then the monogamous 'you are with me and only me' there is still a lot of trust, it is just slightly varied.


While I myself do not participate in a Poly lifestyle I have a fairly strong understanding of what you were talking about. I think it is beautiful that you have such a strong amount of trust and love in your relationship. Keep safe. CJ979, I am guessing you don't have a very strong grasp of the BDSM/Poly lifestyle. Not that there is anything wrong with that but your comment really reflected that fact. It's easy to close our minds when we see a lifestyle different from our own, but remember it is through open mindedness we learn. - RDW

Really enjoyed this story & found it very enlightening as regards one very successful union! what is very clear is that what i have always believed that "love" is what ever rocks your boat.<br />
This is an example to all jealous people out there that you can share partners and keep each other very satisfied. Males were never meant to have only one exclusive relationship but convention dictated otherwise. Why not try different things & break with convention I salute you for that courage!

it's so easy for others to only see life from their perspectives...although i personally wouldn't choose a polygamous life, i have seen other people who enjoy. if you feel loved and happy and respected, you should live the life that you feel is right for you.

He is a very spiritual man. I sense as other women. He really is into the spiritual meaning of a romantic love that God would want for the woman and men. God allows more than one wife not for carnal reasons, he is not carnal I am in love... with him. Thank you for your concern. Can each and every woman be loved for her own uniqueness? I think all women would answer yes to this question.<br />
But Can her uniqueness be ever replaced by another? I think not.