********* Experience

i have had a ********* many years ago and i really liked it a lot.. but it was more of a night stand of course, then now just recently i had another *********!!! this it how it happens:

My girl friend my neighbour asked if i have had experience in a ********* and i reply in saying yes but only once but i was willing to do it again. she said her boyfriend wanted to have experience with ********** with FFM, MMF four some.. in making up his life he felt he missed out on!!! i thought what the ****!!! as i have being seperated from my husband for few months now and i felt ready to do this but not a long term relationship thing... so that night of course i had no kids on me for one night (which was awesome).. we all got on the drinks ( was feeling abit nervous but my friend her boyfriend was just as nervous because he had never done it before.. anyway.. my friend before passing out let us have sex first and have a play... she passed out pissed.. i thought it was funny!!! because i know her for many years.. she is a top woman.. however, i asked her today about having it again, yes another ********* and by getting her to make sure she does join in this time!!! LOL.. she pissed herself laughing and said she will ask him and see what we could do.. i trust them both and feel close.. i have never in my life after seperation of a relationship that i felt stronger, confidence and very happy in what i am doing.. and love to contiune the experience again... even as a lesiban... i really don't get a ****, it is only bodies it is just our personaility and how we live our lives that plays the major role of what sexual moral is right or wrong.. it is only grey!!!!


any comment???


sexygroomer sexygroomer
Dec 23, 2008