He's Engaged, I'm In Love, We Are Sleeping Together Too

Met him at work, struck up an affair--i was married.  Continued 6 months before my husband and i separated.  One month later, my "fling" dumped me, saying he'd reconciled with his ex-girlfriend the night before.  We did not speak for 2-3 weeks.  Then he began contacting me, soon after, we started having sex again.  I hear through mutual friends that they are engaged now, but I am still sleeping with him on a weekly basis.  i am in love with him--I know i shouldn't be, if he cheats with you, he'll cheat on you.  Plus i am no better considering how our relationship started.
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I learned something from this. My bff maybe cheating on his gf emotionally with me . I should stop it, but how?I love him

What goes round comes round. you cheated with him on his girlfriend, other girls cheated with him on you.

Well it got better. I emailed his fiancee and told her the whole story. She broke up with him. He was pissed at me for around 2 weeks, then we started hooking up again. It was a rollercoaster for the next 4 months or so. Then he told me he loved me and we became exclusive. We work together so we spent a lot of time together plus 3-4 nights a week I stayed at his place. I wondered if he was being faithful. Someone kept texting him and one morning while he was in the shower, I checked his phone. Asked him who this woman was...he went ballistic that I would violate his privacy. He threw all my stuff in a box and took his house key from me. I felt so bad and apologized profusely. A week later, he gave me back the key. I never checked his phone again. We together 9 more months, went on vacation, things seemed great. 6 weeks ago, he was at my house on his email. The next evening, I got on my computer and his email address was still in the window and I wondered if the password matched another password he had given me. It did...so this woman that had been texting him had sent him an email asking why he had been so shadely lately. She said even the other morning was so strange like she was just another girl and there was no feeling. By the date of the email, I knew that I was out of town that weekend. Then i found out he'd been sleeping with his neighbor too for at least 2 months. There were nude pics of two girls and another girl emailed him saying she missed him. So I broke up with him and went to the Dr. He gave same lame "I am sorry" but really nothing more. What a hard lesson this has been. The whole time was a lie, I knew what he was capable of but for some reason I thought I was special enough for him to be faithful. I know it's not about me, he's just a serial cheater.

I don't wanna say too much, but I totally know how you feel is sucks sooooooo bad, it's like you wanna stop but you're just powerless, I know exactly how you feel, don't worry you're not the only one :(