In Love With A Guy Who Has A Girlfriend

You probably won't read this but it makes me feel a little better...Well i have had a crush on this guy from as far as i can remember.. After dumping my boyfriend for 4 years (which i was absolutely fine with, actually made me open my eyes that we were never meant to be) i started going out to bars with my crush and his friends.  And i love all his friends they are so sweet but i was fooling around with him on email saying i had this massive crush on this guy and he worked it out that it was him.. and at this bar we kissed.. 

WOW did sparks fly.. there was so much chemistry and i loved it.. i felt so much for him.. 

This continued on a couple more weeks... hitting the bars at the weekend and feeling unbelievably drawn to each other..but then i had to put my foot down :/

He has a girlfriend.. and they have been going out for 5 years but his friends tell me they are not happy and they wish him to be with me.. as do my friends.  He has even said to me that he hates her so much as all they do is argue every single day.. and he feels no love for her.. only love for what she was like in the past.  The stupid STUPID part is they have co-owned a dog .. and he is really attached to the dog and set in this wee routine.. he told me i have such a chance.. but he just can't give up his dog for her..
I mean a dog.. god i know.. but people can get really attached..

So i emailed him saying how all of this wasn't fair on me and i had fallen for him BAD ( like every time i see a photo of him my stomach twists and i feel sick ...i can't actually stop thinking about him and i really do love him) and that i wish us to be together but i don't want 50% of him and how i wouldn't like to think he was taking advantage of me or having the image of me being the "other woman".
And he took it Ok, if said if i wanted he could leave me alone etc... but after that i went 2-3 weeks with no texts and no emails and it hurt so bad.. made me realise what i had in my hands and then what my MInd made me lose.. my Heart aches after him all the time and i feel like he's the one that needs saving from his relationship.. (or lack of)...

He said he envies me because i was able to split from my boyfriend.. and he feels trapped that he can't with his.. but i know he's making the situation worse than it needs to be..

Sometimes he comes and visits me and we would lay with each other and just forget the world and all the worries... we don't even need to talk half the time because we are so content. Like last night he visited and we were so close to kissing but i held back the best i could..  i respect him a lot because he said he would never want to treat me unfairly again by doing that but it was very hard..

another thing that bugs me is he's very vague.. as in i've said to him how i feel, what i want, that i can't stop thinking about him and how he's perfect and he used to say things like  i was "the one" and how he would love to steal a kiss from me etc... but ever since the email i won't, he's only said things like " i'm too attractive...or it was hard not kissing you.. or when i say how i feel he tells me to CALM DOWN ;) and i'm sitting there thinking why can't you open up and be serious?!


i want him so bad... :(

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I like this guy who has a girlfriend as well. He moved to another country and now they are going strong. I met him after many years and felt sick and depressed after meeting him. I have to accept reality. For my peace of mind I have decided never to see him even if he visits his home country. We were good friends in college. He was the only boy over whom I've cried when he left town.

Take a stand. Think about the other girl and her happiness.

I am the same with my ex and I allways wish I was not the ex

he wants you and the girl too he wants you to be ok with him having a gf if he really cared about you or if he hated her that much he would have been left