Heart Torn In Two Many Times By A Man That Has A Girlfriend

My story is very long and I will try to shorten it up. I met a guy 5 years ago I was instantly attracted to him and I thought he was attracted to me. We got involved physically and then all of a sudden I didn't hear from him for about over a year. When we did start talking again he told me he had a six month old baby, but is not with the baby's mom. We always flirted but I knew this time I had to be carefull because who knew when he might of gotten bored with me again. I would always give hints that I was interested but it never got anywhere.

One day we where talking and he told me he has a girlfriend. My heart dropped and I felt like I lost him and any chance of him. We kept talking and flirting and we would talk about sex. He was ok of the idea of cheating, but I couldn't do it, but he kept at it and eventually it did happen. I then one day told him that he was the guy I always wanted but couldn't have. He asked me what I would of done if I could of had him. I finally thought I got through to him and he was gonna be with me. I was a fool to think that because it did not happen. I don't know why but I could not resist him he is like a drug and I kept falling into his trap. I fell in love with a man who is taken and I feal lost, broken,torn, and hurt.

I did finally tell him that he is taken and we need space and be friends and I will never have him the way I want. I will always be here for him and I care for him and I wish nothing but happiness for him. Someone please help me because all I want is to be in his arms no matter what and even if it's just for one night that I pretend he is all mine and no one else's.
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2 Responses Jan 21, 2012

Uh... This entire soap opera reminds me of a book titled,"He is just not into you".....Maybe you should have read it.... before going to into another dead end friendship or lets call it what it really is "friends with benefits" you will have the insight to let it go before you get in too deep....

I know exactly how you feel. First thing... stop talking with him, tell him you were wrong and that you can't ever be "just friends" because the relationship will always be lopsided (you care more/differently than him) at this point it isn't love anymore, it is a twisted sense that he should want you. And maybe he should, but you are allowing him to treat you like second best and that is wrong for both of you. I understand the desire to be with someone, but I also know that you need to see it for what it really is, and that is nothing, to him. You deserve every happiness there is, and he isn't the one you will get it from, ever.