Maybe, It's Not My Turn

I love a friend who I know him for nearly 18years. We were in the same elememtary school, primary school and also, high school. The sadness occcoured when we were about to take the undergraduate degree, when he, fortunately, had to go to China becuase his family supported his education. then, I try to forget him, but I cann't.. what the hell, and time passes, and we never keeped in touch. He might not know that either. I didn't tell him. I'm afraid the he will hate me and unfriend me lastly. something worse happened again, when he appeared in fb status that he is in a relationship with someone, which also study in China. He cares her too much, as much as I jearous him and her. but I can't make things better. I hate the way that I can't get rid of him. I can't stop. Plus, it's really not my turn.... his girl friend is lovely, cute and rich.. they are tatolly a match couple. now, he is about to continue master degree and I'm sure that he is ready for his girlfriend. I guess when we were in high school, He might had a crush on me <> because he trusted me, told me every single things, we texted all night... we were close friend, that's why I don't wana lose our relation, If I tell him the truth.. I guess, I'll surely lose him :(........ so, what should I do ?_?_?_?
LunaLania LunaLania
Aug 1, 2012