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Im In Love With A Man Who Has A Girlfriend

Theres this guy at work who use to watch me  all the time but he never said anything to me, finally after 9 months I guess he got the courage to ask me out on a date This was back in September 2009 since then me and him talked , text each other we even have pictures of each other body parts. Now let me go back a little bit the first time me and him talked I asked him did he have a girlfriend he didn't lie he said yeah. so in my mind I am thinking he just wanted to have sex, but no that wasn't the case. I even try to give him a hint of lets just go ahead and do it there was really nothing we could build together he already had something building with someone, keep in mind him and this girl hadn't been together a year yet and she is 6 years younger than him and i am 3 years older than him. He told me its best for us to wait, as time went on we grew a very strong friendship where we talked about any and everything but we did kiss often and touched each other often. I am so confused I don't know where this is going but through these last 5 months I have fallen so hard for him to the point I don't want to be with any body else. He's even told me one time that our connection was not just a sexual connection which he is right, It really is more than that. I do try and pull away from him but when we see each other its like the whole room just lights up! And he will still touch me so sensually its amazing! I don't know if I should move on or hold on. I even had people tell me because he is a Scorpio he going to move in slow and that I should be patient and let him take control . I know he is not 100%  at home just by reaction and from what he tells me. OH Yeah I almost forgot we also have a ex girlfriend that he admitted to me he loves, but they just don't get along- but check it me and her are the same sign Taurus. And I know the current girlfriend lets the ex girlfriend get under her skin on a constant but that cause she lets her and the current girlfriend is still in her stage of growing Believe me I can get him pass that ex girlfriend thing -I hope. . I am in love with this man and I know and feel that he has emotion for me, but is it strong enough to hold on to?


Confused and want something I can't have

reddslimt reddslimt 26-30, F 4 Responses Feb 18, 2010

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I think that if you really want to know the answer from him directly you should ask him and if he doesnt answer you or if he doesnt give you a straight answer then you should back off slowly. It may be painfull but if youll keep this sort of relationship you will end up hurt. And its not a good feeling ofcourse ): but i hope that i could give you a good advice? And sorry for my bad english by the way.

Im in the same situation just do your part and give him everything he's missing!sometimes it works out for the good yet also the bad!!

Confused,<br />
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It's been two years since your post, so this is probably outdated at this point. But it sounds like the man is a pla<x>yer, someone who enjoys having several women around. The fact that he's a Scorpio makes it all the more likely.<br />
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If you haven't already left him, consider doing so now.<br />
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-Been there

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give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one<br />
another. By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one<br />
another. <br />
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— John 13:34-35 <br />
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