My Grande Beau

I have a beau who is very wealthy and he has alot of connections... i really don't think i deserve him.....he's too good to be true in my opinion....he started our relationship off by being the only one i could go to after my grandfather passed on, so i could lean on his shoulder... i really hate this feeling, i want it to just go away... if anyone has an experience such as this.. you may tell your story here...
Kingtutkelly Kingtutkelly
18-21, F
2 Responses Jul 25, 2007

Just because he is wealthy and has a lot of connections does not mean that he is a better human being than you are. It just means he was *luckier*. HOWEVER, if you feel you are not bringing enough to the relationship, then you should work out what you would *like* to bring to the relationship (complementary things, hopefully) and then work on those. Also, your self-esteem might need a check-up too! :) If we get something that we have not earned, it's not our job to beat ourselves up, but do the hard yards *afterwards* to make our good luck count :)

Well he picked you right? That must mean you do deserve him because he obviously thinks so. There's no need to feel like that he sees something special in you. That means you don't have to do anything, he likes you as you are. You're lucky, that's pretty awesome. Instead of doubting isn't better to be thankful instead?