Mood Swings

So, not only does he live far away but he has insane mood swings that I can't quite figure out. For a few months he will be telling me he loves me every day, 15 times a day, and constantly talking about anything and everything. He will say that he misses me and we will have great conversations for hours on end.

Then, out of nowhere he will act different. He stops talking so much, won't call me, and stops saying I love you. This is when I get super confused and tempted to ask for an explanation. Several times I have asked but there's never an answer, just some excuse. He's tired or busy at work. Um no, work doesn't affect you this much. Does it?

I can go along with it for only so long. Then, I start to doubt his feelings and get confused about how to treat him or how I should feel about him. After a month or so of confusion I break, start crying every night and sometimes I even tell him I can't talk to him anymore.

His response consists of a bunch of apologies and saying that I am too good for him. Bullshit. He even says that he ruins the life of everyone that he gets close to. Of course I feel sorry for him and go back to the way things were before.

Eventually, like a couple days ago, he will randomly go back to normal and make me feel wanted again. Will I ever get an explanation for this behavior? I don't know. Will it ever end? Not sure either.

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2 Responses Aug 9, 2007

Me also like that.i dont know what to do also.but the worst thing happend to me which is, he got another girl that make him busy.we were break up since he choosed the other girl.then,i meet him in his country since we never meet before.i just want to visit him and nothing intention i want actually ,like want him back or something related to it.then,it turned to be we were back together he told me, he do loves because im real person.are you in Long distance relationship? i dont know what to say,maybe you need to explain more about whats going on about your relationship.its hard to tell he is bipolar or cheating on you or he just needs you for timepass.

Your boyfriend might be bipolar or he could be cheating on you. I had a boyfriend that acted just like your boyfriend and I eventually found out he was bipolar and wasn't getting any kind of help. We didn't last long.