I was about 13 and was going to California with my family. My dad stopped at Las Vegas...now this was back in the mid-70's. So, Vegas was still pretty much a place for adults. My brother and I didn't find much to do, other than going to the Circus Circus hotel. The mezzanine was a blessing for kids of all ages.

We went to the pool one afternoon at the hotel we were staying at. There was another family there: Father, Mother, Son and Daughter. This was when I discovered I was gay. The father, who was catching some sun at the other side of the pool, was wonderfully hairy, especially on his chest. I couldn't keep my eyes off him. I'd play with my older brother for a little bit. But I ALWAYS ended up back at the other end of the pool, just watching this handsome hairy man. That's when I got my first "woodie," which I took care off when I got back upstairs to the room my family was staying in.

I still have visions of that man, even at the age of 50 now. Proud to say I'm your average 50 year old Teddy Bear here!
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Good memory....... Hairy chests are sexy..

Great story ... I enjoyed reading that.

As a little kid I remember watching "Leave It To Beaver" on TV and in one scene Ward Cleaver (actor Hugh Beaumont), the Beav's Dad, had all this hair showing from the top of his short sleeve shirt. Also the Dad on the "Flipper" TV show, Porter Ricks, usually had his shirt off and - my God! - he had a really hairy chest!