I Always Thought This Was What Makes A Man Sexy

I have always loved a man with a very hairy chest. Even when I was a teenager, Parker Stevenson and Paul Stanley were posters on my wall. All that luxurious hair on their chests mmmmm!

Through the years I have dated many different men, and was married as well but these guys had little to no hair on their chests. What the heck was I thinking? I went from I am in love with and fantasize to guys with really hairy chests and then ended up with men with little to no hair ummmm not sure where I went wrong.

Thankfully I am now happily engaged to a great man who has the most incredible hairy chest ever! Wow I love running my fingers through that hair all over his chest and belly. OMG it is fantastic!! I get excited just by doing that I love that feeling it is amazing. It also has the most sexy look on a man. So I have this great sexy man that I am engaged to! YAY for me for getting back to what I always thought of as sexy on a man.

Sorry for you men out there who are fairly hairless believe me there are tons of women who think that is attractive. But honestly I think that men with hairy chests look the most sexy! Plus I also get the amazing beard and mustache! I love love love this!

Just glad that when I finally found the man that I was always supposed to be with, he has that wonderfully hairy chest that I love so very much. I love laying on his chest and feeling the hair against my cheeks or just running my fingers through it. I also think I will get a soft brush, I think it will feel good to him and I know I will love it too!
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3 Responses Dec 13, 2012

i need such understanding woman :)

Understanding in what regards? :-)

how sexy hairy men are

Well, I have always believed that you really know it when its right. For this and a multitude of reasons I am sure you have found who you belong with.

Definitely this is just one reason. This was just a realization in life! Ever sit back and something you always found attractive in the opposite sex was something you steered away from? I think I did that for years (hard to say why) This is simply one of those "I loves" in life. Thanks!

MMMMM very glad you like it !!!I I love when you lay on it and run your fingers thru it too!!!
Looking forward to this brushing ;-) !!!!!

OOOH yes I do! That is the best thing to lay and do is run my fingers through your chest hair. Glad you like the brushing idea I think that will be fun ;-)