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I am a married man, but in the relationship with my wife, I never receive sex. It is a sexless marriage, and I am looking for changes to enjoy sex again. Is that so wrong? I need a girl married or single who will enjoy sex with me. Are you there

john1937 john1937
31-35, M
1 Response Feb 27, 2009

I had a male friend go through this. There is a group called "I live in a sexless marriage" that I recommend. I have a few questions for you though. Do you have children? Do you know why you and your wife do not have sex anymore? Do you still love her? Do you still even want to be married? Affairs are not something to take lightly. They really can ruin your life, and if you are caught it is even worse. If you are to the point of looking for a partner on the internet it may be time for some marital counseling. I can tell you what happened to my friend, but the short version is that he had married young, had two children, and the wife hardly ever slept with him. After a almost a year of no sex and no communication he finally couldn't take it anymore and left her. I gave him all the advice I could to try to improve his marriage before it got to that point. He went back to her after being away for one night knowing that he was just waiting until the time was right so that he could be with his kids. He left her again for the final time in August and has been very happy except that he doesn't get to see his kids everyday and it is killing him. He will be finalizing his divorce in about two weeks and couldn't be more thrilled. There's more, but I am curious about your circumstances.