Hard Lesson Learned

but have finally realized we were not meant to be together.  I met this amazing man online, of all places, and we immediately hit it off.  After a few weeks of corresponding back and forth, we decided we needed to meet in person.  I knew he was married but there was just something about him that made me ignore that little voice in my head and  to go ahead and meet him.  Things had been pretty intense online and were no less intense the entire duration of our affair.  There was a ten year difference in our ages and that was strange for me to even consider being with an older man.  Not to mention he was shorter than me, not really physically attractive and nothing like any man I'd ever been with before.   But the sexual chemistry was incredible, he swept me off my feet and for 3 years, on and off, I waited for him to leave his wife and family to be with me.  During that time, we only got to see each other once every few weeks as he lived 3 hours away.  His excuse to come here was that he was expanding his sales business here.  I guess his wife bought it as she never really gave him much of a hard time after the first couple of visits.  As long as he was bringing the cash home, she was happy.  And as long as I was the one he was sleeping with, I was happy.....for awhile.   Eventually, I got tired of him having to leave and not know for sure when I'd see him again and I started to put pressure on him.  Between his business starting to turn sour and my pressure, he just couldn't take it anymore and decided to end things.  Said he'd always love me but he just couldn't leave the one he'd been with for 25 yrs and had a family with.  Now that I'm over the hurt, I realize that he never really cared for me at all....I was only someone new for him to fulfill his sexual desires with and when that novelty wore off and I did put on pressure, it was an easy excuse for him to get himself out of it.  I've always been a very gullible person and tend to believe most people are honest and can't possibly fake feelings, but through this experience, I've learned that is not the case and I have to be more aware and look harder at the situations I get into with men, especially.

locolady locolady
41-45, F
Mar 22, 2009