Inlove With A Married Man Who Was My "boss"!

Ok my story all began when I (20) was working as a hostess for this guy (30). He caught my attention by being rude to me and telling me to get people who were smoking "trays" OOoo I was new and I did not know, the way he said it came off very rude, I later found out he was the "owner" of the restaurant (from other workers who are terrified of him) . Ok so that night I couldn't get my eyes off him, he just dressed so classy yet interesting, his group was sitting directly behind me. Next morning he came by with his dog, he talked to me so much nicer, and gave me ideas of how to attract customers, and told me to interact with everyone who walks by and sit down. Next day he comes by with his dad, and some others on a business meeting for lunch, I walked by and he bursted out "your doing a really great job!" I smiled and replied "Thank you". During the next few weeks each time he came by he waved at me, or stopped to talk to me; I even noticed he would drive by and wave at me sometimes! Each time he came I just couldn't get my eyes off him. So 2 weeks has passed by and it's time for payday...only to find out that I would not be getting paid until the next pay day which is in 2 more weeks! Working for over a month and not getting paid? No I don't think so, plus there were stories circling around that some of the workers there weren't getting paid, and if they did it was not a full pay check.  I'll try to make the story short: basically I told the manager I will not work unless they pay me, on pay day there wasn't a check there for me so I never showed up. The next week my goal was to meet with the owner and tell him what was going on-on my way from school one day I got a text from my co-worker "He is here" I sped over to the restaurant so fast and we talked: He explain how the hiring, pay-roll, process all work and said that he could help me get my job back, unless I was rude to my manager (which I wasn't) But I didn't show up to work so that was a problem. He asked me if I wanted to be his secretary in his office I said ok. (A job that would later get so stressful) We got into my car and drove around the corner to the office, I was going to be managing a few of  his real estate properties. So I started working for him, there were 2 other girls working in the office, whom he later fired because they weren't doing their jobs and he felt I was capable of handling it all by myself. He would come by everyday and check on us, he set the schedule around my school schedule, and had the 2 girls work by themselves and I alone on my days. He would come in and check on me, but then ask so many questions, so curious. I knew I was attracted to him since day 1 but as time went on we got close, and closer, like where he felt comfortable sharing anything with me and vice versa. I later found out he had a girlfriend (because he invited my husband and I to her party) I denied the invitation because I had exams for school. The weeks went by and I remember one conversation we had were I asked him when is he going to have kids? He asked me if i'd like to have his kids (I of course said no) I told him he was getting at the age where he needed to have kids and settle down already. Stupid me....he came back in 2 weeks and told me that his gf was pregnant! A few weeks later he invited me to dinner with his dad and a few other people, a dinner that was to be the "tasting" for the WEDDING! What a nightmare, but at this time I was still trying to figure out if he liked me as a friend or more...I knew he was attracted to me but he never pursued anything. Anyways the job got very stressful and overwhelming, I was being threatened by tenants, and I felt he did not have my back as far as protecting I quit. I cried for weeks...I think the week I cried the most was the week he got married, he had to get married to her because of his religion. Before I left he would always tell me how he didn't want to get married, how he no longer wanted to be with his GF, and that he liked her but he wasn't happy. He said he didn't want to leave the relationship because they were together for so long and both families were fond of each other. Anyways after 3 weeks of him being married we were to meet for dinner, the dinner ended up being at a ***** club! My friends who were suppose to be with me weren't able to meet and so I got stuck with him and his friends. I had so much fun that night...he was so protective of me...we talked, drank, and he'd never gotten this close to me, I knew he was married and I too but I loved it! Through out the night he tried kissing me but I kept pushing it away I don't know why.So it's the end of the night and we left outside before his friends came out...I sat on the car and he just came over and kissed me! I think at that moment my heart stopped...he walked away b/c his friends were heading towards us, but once we got in the car we were at it again! Non-stop and then I told him how I felt "I love you" I said, I can't remember his reaction but I remember saying over and over and over again-I felt so free, for weeks I was crying and thinking about him, I woke up, went to sleep, dreamed, ate, sing, talked about him...everything I did he was on my mind. We made out for the rest of the night until they dropped me home. A few days later we met up again for lunch...we talked about that night and tried to remember what happened. I was also thinking about moving to California and he said that if I wanted to he would pay for me to move there, he said he would be going there on a business trip in a few weeks and that we should go together, that it would be fun and he would teach me to surf=)...I told him I would do it, but he saw I wasn't too sure so he said to think about it. Days passed and I didn't hear from him, then 2 days ago he text me and ask if I thought about Cali...I told him yes, asked him when he was leaving so I could book my ticket, he told me the date I told him yes I wanted to go and then he never texted me back. Yesterday I texted him because I saw really good deals and told him to text me when he got sometime because I needed information to book my flight, I waited all day and still no reply...last night I found out my husband went through my phone and read my text, he saw that we met a few times, but he doesn't know about plans to move ( I deleted those) I am no longer in love with him, and maybe that is why I fell for this man because he has all I want in you think I should wait and see if he text, or should I try to get him out of my head? I asked my husband if he had text/called him and said anything but he said "no"...I'm also thinking if his wife had something to do with him not texting me back. I really love him and care about him, even if he told me that we could no longer go on with this I love and care so much that I would let him go. We never got sexual, he did tell me that he wanted to have sex with me, but never told me anything like he loves me. But I can tell he cares about me because he always looked out for me when I needed someone. I've been trying to get him out of my head, but it is so hard. If you guys ever had an experience like this please give some ideas on what could possibly happen/ is happening here.

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