The Love Of My Life

We met for the first time in K/1st grade. We lost touch throughout school because my family moved away but we found each other again our Jr/Sr. Year in High School after I had moved back. We hung out with mutual friends and I found that I really cared about him. We tried even dating for a short time but my friend was in love with him and he with her so I let him go even tho I knew they would never be able to admit that they cared for each other. After Graduation I moved on with my life as did he. A year ago he found me on FB and my whole world turned upside down. We were both married with children and both of our spouses had been unfaithful to us; his literally and very recently and mine via **** and emotional abuse. We found that we needed each other to survive. We were dying inside and our marriages were falling apart. We spent hours and hours reconnecting via web-chats and late night phone calls...even just listening to each other breathe at two or three in the morning was a comfort. We contemplated both of us leaving our spouses and being together, but we knew the damage to our kids would be irreparable. So I convinced him to stay with her and to do all he could to work it out and he encouraged me to stand up for myself and make my husband understand my pain. (I realized during this time that I had never gotten over him and he admitted he felt the stirring of something he had never known...a woman's unconditional love.)
Things came to a head for us the week of our high school reunion. For the first time in 20 years we were able to reach out in person...We hugged when we saw each other. We spent that first night in each others arms. Talking and staring into each others eyes...talking about anything and everything. I fell asleep with my head pressed to his chest listening to his heart beating in sync with mine.
Very early in the morning we awoke and I leaned over and kissed him on the cheek and then I whispered "tell me if you want me to stop" then I kissed his forehead and each of his eyes... and I leaned down and slowly and gently kissed his lips...his response was a passionate and deep kiss...all we had been harboring for each other rose to the surface. It was such a beautiful time for healing to know that we were valued by each other just the way we were...But the next day his wife figured it out and went ballistic. She forbade us from even speaking. It tore me apart to think of losing him again. How could fate be so cruel? But I refused to make him choose between us. I wouldn't be the reason he lost his family. Not ever. He told me that is one of the reasons that he loves me so much. Long story short, he chose not to choose and him and I have been talking and emailing and texting and loving each other without her knowing the whole time. We are staying in our marriages unless our spouses walk away or die and if fate wills it we will be together then...I am moving my family across the country to be with we can't stand the distance between us.
zeuslover zeuslover
36-40, F
Mar 7, 2011