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There's the guy and oh course he's married. I love him and I know there's something special between us, I can feel it. But since he's married I've been trying to let go of him. The only thing is, is he keeps charming his way back to my heart and it makes me fall harder for him. I've tried at least 15 times to let him go but it just ain't working. I still want to be friends with him cause we have ALOT in common. More than him and his wife have. This past 2 weeks I've been on vacation and he really tocked me off so I said to heck with him. I talked to him a few days later and yep he charmed his way back. Then he made me mad the day before i was suppose to come home. So today I came home and he was all up on me he was hugging me and just around me whole time I was waiting for my ride. Then one moment while we were together but his wife was with us but away from hearing view and kinda distracted. He looked at me and said you in a voice like he was flirting and then he kissed my head. I want to be friends but I don't wanna ruin his marriage and I would love him to be all mine but I know that's not going to happen soi think I'm wasting my time with him. And when my friend told him I was flirting with a lifeguard at one of the places we went he was kinda like oh you were, were you. So I don't want to be wrapped around his finger but i don't know if my heart can handle it or not. Any suggestions?
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I read your other story too and will combine my comment for here. He is really compromising himself and you. He thinks you might take him unconditionally, just for the thrill of it. He has set about to seduce you, never mind the consequences. Listen to what your reason is telling you. Move away. He is not going to commit himself to you. <br />
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It is a thrill and a turn on when a charming man pays so much attention, exchanges gifts etc. You are young enough to be really affected by his flirting, rather than disgusted by it. I have seen it passed down in families from father to son too. Some men just do it from force of habit all the time. But when it is a married man and a girl as young as you it is bad, bad news. He most definitely should know better. He could take terrible advantage of you and hurt you very badly emotionally.<br />
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Listen to your head and step back out of his life. When you meet someone who is truly available and fall in love, it is so much better than this. And you deserve to have true happiness, rather than sorrow and misery at such a young age.

Thank you for responding. I spent sometime with his dad and they act a lot alike. His dad was doing some of the samethings he does toward me and then I started wondering if I had mis-read his actions as just being him or coming on to me. I think some of it is just him but when we're alone I think there is way more to it than just being friendly. I don't know if he does it on purpose or not (i kinda think he does but not sure) he always talks to other girls kinda the way he use/ still talks to me. So I guess he likes having people falling for him all the time. It's so hard to break away from him because he seems like he is the one but isn't? If that makes sense. lol But anyway I'm gonna try to get him off my mind and out of my heart. Also i wrote another story on here about him if you care to read it here's the link : <a href="http://www.experienceproject.com/stories/Love-A-Married-Man/1616680" target="ep_blank">EP Link</a>

You did very well to speak about your experience here. This man is up to no good. I am so sorry. He is playing with you. If he was serious he would have ended the relationship he is in now. No, he is either lonely but wants to keep his marriage or he is just one of those men who are forever getting off on feeling that they have made someone fall in love with them. You flatter his vanity. You must start detaching yourself from him, not for his sake, but for yours. You deserve much, much better than this jerk.